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Jan 23, 2019
High Peak
We went into lockdown to stop the disease spreading. Now that we are lifting lockdown, the disease is spreading again. What did the government (or anyone else) expect? It hasn't gone away.

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Jul 9, 2019
The report was interesting, showing increases in many areas of the city. Looks like no visit to mother in law....she lives in a top ward for increases.
Mad does not describe my reaction but I have to shrug it off.
I do think that people have not been following the rules since possibly end of May. Many of my friends have commented on large groups of men on the streets and indeed a house in my road has had two parties where social distancing didn’t happen.
Police are not resourced to intervene.
Daughter is teaching outside the border, children within the border not allowed to go as of today; yet she still goes whilst teachers outside stay at home.
I honestly think there needs to be a task force sent to ferret out all the factories breaking the rules and road blocks and even no exercise !
still off my soap box and be thankful that mum is taking it well....so far


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
I honestly think there needs to be a task force sent to ferret out all the factories breaking the rules
According to at least one press report the image of working conditions in one clothing factory has triggered a response from the HSE.

The report also claims that the factory stayed open during most of lockdown and that furlough was illegally claimed.
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Jun 19, 2016
I found the news items confusing with children of key workers in Leicester not being allowed to go to school followed by an item telling us which countries we can go to!