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leaning to one side after about walking quarter of a mile


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Dec 14, 2014
Hello I have been a carer for my wife for the last six , years a problem which has started is that she leans badly to one side giving her great pain....is this caused by alzhiemers.....we used to walk a lot over the years .......


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Apr 24, 2013
John and I have always been keen walkers but this is now limited to a mile. His knee is bad and this combined with Alzheimers is causing him to lurch against me half way through our walk. This week he has been given two sticks for support and a three wheeler walker so we are trying both to see if they help.


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May 18, 2014
Check out to see if it is constipation or uncommon side effect to any medication your wife may be taking first. My mum sometimes leans to one side and it is usually because of constipation.