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Later stages appearing in my 94 year old Mother


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Jan 6, 2014
Reading previous posts, we all have similar journeys with our loved ones, and my family has been through a lot. First my dad, who died about 11 years ago, with vascular dementia and much less was understood about his condition...now my my mum, who we moved up to London after much resistance, so we could care for her.
She's doing remarkably well since we have put rotas in place to care, wash, medicate, cook, and just give her company, even to the extent that like many others have mentioned, we've got daytime caters going in during the week around lunchtime, so we can work. That has meant we manage the evening and weekends much better and don't worry about the weekdays so much.
Last night though, mum had hallucinations, and thought my dad was still alive, living with someone else - she thought we were conspiring keeping his address from her. It was entirely real for her and very distressing. She was sure that was the reality. I feel that this is a significant change in her condition and am worried about the possibility that we Amy not be able to continue caring for her at home.
Does anyone have similar experiences?


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Dec 15, 2012
Morning Livine1

A warm welcome to the forum - I hope you're continuing to mooch around, there's so much useful information here and so many friendly members to chat to.

You've added your first post to an existing thread - so it may seem to have been overlooked. Others are reading, though, and having a look at your profile :)
Maybe start a thread so everyone can see your post easily and respond to you specifically.

You are doing a grand job supporting your mum. It will probably be worth contacting her GP and consultant about the recent change - there may be some meds that can help.
Sorry, I don't have experience of this - but I know some people who do :D
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Nov 28, 2005
Hello Livine,
I am sorry to read about your Mum and can imagine how distressing things can be. Does she have any contact with a Mental Health Consultant as it may be helpful to discuss the changes with him/her?

I used to keep a log/diary of changes in my husband, just noting any odd behavioural problems. His Consultant/MH Nurse found these very helpful. It could be that they may be able to recommend some helpful medication to reduce her problems.

Please keep posting as I am sure others will be along to offer their support.
Best wishes
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Jul 20, 2011
Hi there and welcome. It would be worth just checking that she doesn't have a urinary infection - they are beasts and sometimes make people seem as tho they have really deteriorated. The quicker they are sorted with antibiotics the better but any sort of infection or illness might do the same so definitely worth call to GP as soon as you can. Hope it works out well, do let us know xxx

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