Late stage


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Aug 25, 2004
Hello all

haven't been on the forum for a while but felt it would be good to share my feelings if that's OK.

My Mum has been bed bound after developing a nasty hip ulcer and now is immobile.
She is syringe fed and on patches for pain relief and sleeps most of the time.
She has very little quality of life now and has been like this for over 5 weeks.

It's so difficult as I'm in limbo and spending nearly all my time with her as she like to grab my hand. Sometimes she cannot be roused and I really think it's the end then she wakes up and smiles a little.

How long will she be like this, she is so strong!


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Mar 21, 2003
Dear Codie,

I cannot answer your question and not sure anyone can. However I have been in a similar position so know how you are feeling.

All you can do is hang in there and let you hand be squeezed. My only advice would be to speak to the consultants and medical staff who help deal with you mum. That was the only indication that I had to help know when the time was coming. They have been through this many times and know the signs particularly when pain relief is needed.

Please make sure you look after yourself!