Lasting powers of Attorney v Deputyship

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    Morning All,

    First time poster, apologies if this thread already exists.

    The situation we have is my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a couple of years ago, he now appears to be getting worse fairly rapidly. There are no LPOAs despite our best efforts.

    The question is at what point is someone no longer competent to be able to sign the LPOA? We have paperwork filled out and ready to sign, they live close to their church so there are people who can act as a witness who know him well. Our hope is that we could convince him when he was having a good day to sign the POA and have it witnessed at the church. The trouble we have is that there are fewer good days and an unwillingness to sign which is making it increasingly difficult to resolve financial issues being caused.

    At what point should we give up on this and look to the Court of Protection for a deputyship?
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