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Large Care Home Provider Still Playing Up!

Pete R

Registered User
Jul 26, 2014
I had to move my Mom this week from her NH as the provider was ceasing Nursing care. The move went better than expected and Mom is fine.

I am contracted with them to pay the top up, which I have always paid. They sent me a bill for the whole of March which they admit is wrong and should be only for the days Mom was resident. I am awaiting the amended bill.

I asked the old provider to send a cheque with the outstanding balance of Mom's personal allowance, around £250, which they hold in a bank account.

They have refused stating they are keeping it till I pay the final top up fee.:eek:

I have told them that even if I do not pay the top up, and I fully intend to, that they cannot use Mom's money instead.

The B@#####@S wont budge. :mad: