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Korsakoff's Syndrome & Alcohol Induced Dementia


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May 4, 2011
Hi everyone,

I'm afraid I'm really new to this, so I really am sorry if this post is in the wrong place :eek:

Over the years I've been close to several people with serious alcohol problems and I've encountered Alcohol Related Brain Damage/dementia...but this was generally amongst people who had been very heavy drinkers, often for decades. Recently I heard of a friend of a friend being diagnosed with a form of Korsakoff's Syndrome, in her late twenties...I thought this was really tragic and unusual, but then online I did hear some accounts of people who were younger...but then the statistics and research surrounding this all seem quite vague and dated, too...I just wondered if this was an 'out of the blue'/rare experience, or whether others here had heard about similar things?

For some reason this thing has really touched me and I'm really keen to know more about this…it just seems incredibly cruel…whenever I thought about alcoholism I envisaged things like liver problems, not this disease/syndrome…

Thanks so much for reading this, sorry if it isn’t clear at all :(



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Mar 19, 2005
I'm not a doctor but have a lot of experience working with alcohol related Korsakoff's. I know that in some people (particularly people with eating disorders) it can develop but may be reversible in the very early stages, or there can be improvement over time with rehabilitation.

Hope this helps a little.

Kate x.


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hello wills
Welcome to TP. Im sorry its taken so long for any one to reply to you ,
I have no experience with alcohol related dementia other than after time off the drink it often improves

I think any serious illness that affects young people/children affects me more than if its an older person with the same illness