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Keeping mam occupied


New member
Jul 29, 2022
I care for my mother full time.
Her mobility is not good and she spends 24 hours a day in our living room.
We are waiting for occupational therapy to make adjustments so she can at least go outside.
In the meantime she gets very bored just talking to me and watching the telly
I've noticed she likes folding tissues and stuffing them into her glasses case.
Can you recommend any activities that she might enjoy involving folding?
I have asked the memory clinic but they are short staffed and haven't got back to me


Registered User
Jul 9, 2018
Nothing to do with folding, but mum used to enjoy sorting through her button box, We spent many hours finding the same colour/size or shape. The only other things like canary has added are handkerchiefs, flannels, table napkins. Sorry can't be more helpful


Volunteer Host
Mar 25, 2016
Hello @Bamby welcome, you'll find friendly support here. I'd agree with the suggestions about asking your mum to help with folding up the washing - perhaps a big pile of socks/underwear, and she might also enjoy putting the socks into pairs too? I don't know if you've tried other things but when mum was at home she enjoyed a colouring book with a selection of crayons. Perhaps give your mum a pile of coloured card/paper and if she didn't want to draw on it she could fold it up for you.


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Apr 3, 2019
I don't know how she'd take to these ideas but:
- sorting anything from lego bricks to nuts and bolts
- easy jigsaws (some with suitable pictures, not for babies, available online from the 'large rainforest'
- I bought some books with pictures you can 'paint' with water and the colours appear - again, nostalgic, colourful scenes for adults again from the big website
- Dad like his airfix 'easy' planes I make him. They are like lego. He can't make them from scratch but fiddles with the propellers and takes bits off them
- Polishing 'silver' - cutlery or ornaments
- looking through magazines, holiday brochures etc to choose outfits or dream holidays (could be dangerous!)
- 'matching' games - could just be a regular pack of cards
- untangling yarn
- untying ties

There's a lady on Instagram called 'belightcare' and she is from the US but has loads of ideas for activities at different levels.