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Keeping an open mind about dementia


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May 23, 2013
I'm my dad's main carer and he has dementia.
I've made it my business to try to learn and understand as much about dementia as I can.

Anything the brain controls can be affected. Every person is different and individual.

Over a period of some weeks my dad s abilities to complete dressing washing etc have been affected considerably. I've always asked my mum to keep an eye on what help is needed as things progress.

My dad's not a great communicater and would never be able to tell my mum or want to burden her with the reality that he now needs more help.

In everything we do walk eat drink sit we are reliant on our brains communicating the action required.

My dad hasnt been able to communicate to his legs that when he's sat on a seat or bath seat that they need to move!! He's not drinking properly and only eating with a strict supervision in place.

I guess what I'm trying to relay is that we spend so much time looking for other reasons and causes that sometimes we (as in people in general) actually don't accept that is part of a progression on the dementia.

It's about communicating without the spoken words. Body language . Mood and how the person reacts to a particular thing be it washing eating and drinking etc and just accepting that the control centre for everything we do is damaged by disease and instead of trying to make our loved ones fit normality, fitting life around what's right for them is what's needed for them.