just when you think things can't get worse!!!


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Mar 19, 2008
west sussex
Assessment went really well and the NH is very happy to have her. Alleluia.
Phone call from hospital ward after lunch... could you get over here, your mother is threatening to kill herself! We are now on suicide watch when I think all she was doing was expressing her frustration. Consultant is upping medication to 50mg twice a day. All the nurses are so kind to her and to me and they can all see that there is a real problem here. The doctor says nothing else he can do. The locum GP (hers is away) says that he cannot see much sign of dementia!!! Oh God, what do I do?
She is still refusing to go to a NH but has said she will visit it. She said that last week and changed her mind.
Her medication is Quetiapine - does anyone have experience of it?
Will keep you all informed and thanks for all the support; you are all wonderful
Love Judy
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Feb 17, 2008
sorry I'm not much of a support but someone will be along soon to give you some advise
my stepmum isn't on any meds yet as she hasn't been fully assest so can't help but just want to send you a hug