Just watched a program tonight


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Mar 27, 2006
Hi all not been on for a long time just been watching a program tonight about alzhiemers. And it was like a massive kick in the stomach. To me watching the girl with her mum. I suppose im jealous my mum didnt even get to the declining stage it seemed she just woke up one day and ended up in the condition she is now. I feel really lonley tomight like i need to pick up the phone and just hear the words "Hello son how are you" but i never will again. I have more chance of finding 20 gold bars. I myself suffer really bad with depression and tonight i feel so down. I have tonight totally shut myself off from the world i worry alot about money and my family and providing for them and i watch the program tonight and its almost like well you worry your depressed and your mum is ill. I dont know what to say but how can i carry on all the time with this worry for my mum. Should i get on with it ignore my feelings. I just dont know anymore and on top of al this i have fell out with my family in liverpool who live with my mum. I dont know if i mentioned but my mum lives in absolute filth. And i mean filth dog dirt all over the place. A zoo is cleaner and so i dont really take my twins down there to see my mum. So my sister threw it in my face last week as it was my daughters 1st birthday and they didnt get a card not even a phone call. I just feel i am losing the coping battle again..



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May 2, 2006
hi mark

maybe it would be a good idea to talk things through with your doctor. tell him about the conditions your mum is living in and ask his/her advice about what to do about it. He might come up with some helpfull advice or help you cope with it.