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Just Want My DAD back !!


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Sep 24, 2013
hi fellow carers,new to all this but u r my last hope of sanity,im a carer 24/7 for my dad whos got severe dementia n altho we spend every minute together i feel so alone,i look at my pops n cry,he looks so frail not the man i remember who couldnt sit down n was so proud,i just want my dad back. we have carers in who just seem to do paperwork n phone social worker,who never contacts me directly,the left hand just aint talkin to to the right one!!!! TOTAL BLOODY DESPAIR. any advice re social or carers muchly appreciated pleeaasssseeeee


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Aug 31, 2003
Hello and welcome to TP. I'm so sooty to read about your situation. I am glad you've TP though. It's a life saver for many people.

If you're concerned about the carers can you talk to their manager or the social worker? Doesyour dad have a care plan? That should set out his needs and what is expected of them while they are with your dad. If they're not fulfilling this then you need to talk to someone about it.