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Just to say thank you for the advice re holiday..


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Jan 15, 2015
I posted earlier in January as I was concerned about what would happen to mum when my husband, I and our seven year old went on holiday over Easter - particularly if she was taken to A&E without someone sitting with her. I was given some good pieces of advice and just wanted to say thank you.

I rang my Admiral Nurse who came out and did an assessment on mum. Her view is that mum is doing very well, is eating well and seems to be very settled. She had a good chat with mum including asking her how she felt about me being away. Bless her, mum said "I'll miss her but she needs a break - she works too hard for me as it is. And I have my day centre and my friends who will look after me so I am fine". The nurse has advised me to get hold of a copy of the "This is Me" booklet that they give out now in hospitals, fill it in and put it somewhere prominent then tell the lifeline people where it is. That way, if she does go to A&E they will try to make sure the paramedics grab that on the way out and the hospital will have all the facts about her dementia and other problems so she'll get more immediate help.

Anyway, the warden at her sheltered housing has said she will keep a close eye on her when she is there during the mornings, her friends there have said they will pop in if she doesn't come down to the communal area for a cuppa each day and we're arranging a grocery delivery half way through the fortnight so she doesn't have to trundle out if the weather turns.

So, everyone is rallying round and we are now looking forward to a wonderful Disney holiday. Thank you all for making me calm down and think more logically -it's not always easy is it?


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Mar 4, 2013
Auckland...... New Zealand
Thats great to hear :)
Peace of mind that you have everything covered as much as possible will make for an enjoyable holiday.
End of last year my husbnad and 2 children went on a much needed holiday overseas.
Despite my sister having Mum & Dad to stay for the week while I was away, there was so much I had to organise beforehand.
I was determined not to worry, and have the best holiday possible, and we did.