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Just recieved Lasting Power of Attorney - What next ?

Discussion in 'Legal and financial issues' started by Paddydale, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Paddydale

    Paddydale Registered User

    Mar 12, 2015

    We have just received all the completed paperwork for LPA for my step-dad and would like to know exactly what all the letters and forms received back actually mean / are ?

    Someone has mentioned that we need to get a certified copy of the LPA, can anyone explain as to what this actually means and how to go about this ?

    I have trawled through numerous websites for information but we still do not fully understand !

    Sorry if this question seems dumb but having emailed a solicitor for advice on the above, they wanted £220 just to be seen , which is in our minds very extortionate !!!

    For information purposes : we received back a letter confirming LPA, another stated who the attorneys were and all the completed LPA forms that had to be filled in !

    I hope anyone can relay some advice and information :)
  2. Pete R

    Pete R Registered User

    Jul 26, 2014
    Have you got both Finance and Welfare LPA's?

    So far I have not needed a certified copy of either.

    Both banks took a copy of the finance one when I went in and the GP and NH have taken a copy of the Welfare.

    Depends on who else needs to know.

  3. jen54

    jen54 Registered User

    May 20, 2014
    I popped into our local solicitor(next to the supermarket, so handy) and asked about certified copies, they said just pop in one morning, no need for appointment- it took ten minutes..a bit longer then he had thought as he only signed and stamped front page..and I said it required every page stamped etc..it only cost £5 a copy, I took my passport in case I needed ID
    as it was the banks copied the original, but I wouldn't risk sending original off anywhere, hmrc lost my copy, admitting they hadn't got it down as sent back even though they said they would send it back, and hadn't a clue where it went- I do wonder if they would have lost the original if had sent that!!
  4. Beate

    Beate Registered User

    May 21, 2014
    Yes, I was quoted £5 too but when I posted this here somewhere people queried this as it seems so cheap. Glad to see I am not the only one! Get a few certified copies made, not too many, send them off to whoever asks for them and ask for them to be returned so you can reuse them.
  5. sinkhole

    sinkhole Registered User

    Jan 28, 2015
    It's a good idea to get a certified copy done now as there may be a reason to post your LPA to someone in the future (telephone bills, utilities etc.) and you don't want to let the original out of your sight. Not even for a moment ;)

    Most solicitors will copy it and stamp and sign all the pages for a small charge or even free if you know them already. Sounds like the solicitor you contacted is not one of those so just phone around a few others and I'm sure you'll find a reasonable one.

    You can self-certify a copy, which will only cost you the price of the copy itself , but your step-dad would have to write and sign on every page, which can be a bit much to ask!
  6. NanLorac

    NanLorac Registered User

    May 14, 2012
    I took the original POA I have for my husband into the Building Society and they took a copy to keep on file. They also got the manager to stamp and sign every page on a copy. This certified copy has been copied a few times and accepted by his company pension's just last month.

    Hope this helps.:)
  7. Pickles53

    Pickles53 Registered User

    Feb 25, 2014
    Radcliffe on Trent
    A tip I got from another TPer, which was very useful....

    If you need to send a certified copy to DWP, for pensions, benefits etc., you can get LPA certified by your local JobCentre, which is free. They can send it in via their own internal mail, but the lady at my JobCentre said it would be quicker if I sent it direct, also that was the only way I could get a proof that it had been received.
  8. percot

    percot Registered User

    Jan 4, 2015
    The Pension Service has just told me that Job Centres do not have any staff to certify copies of LPAs now. Apparently it was stopped some time ago.
  9. percot

    percot Registered User

    Jan 4, 2015
    I have spoken to a local solicitor and was quoted £5 per copy to certify, including photocopying! I booked an appointment straight away. A notary quoted £65 per copy.
  10. Pickles53

    Pickles53 Registered User

    Feb 25, 2014
    Radcliffe on Trent
    Things move fast! It doesn't seem that long ago they were still happy to do this, certainly less than six months I reckon.
  11. Kingfisher1

    Kingfisher1 Registered User

    May 7, 2015
    Yes, I asked in the job centre yesterday and they looked at me as if I had gone mad.

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