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Just ranting


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Sep 27, 2013
Hi all, my mamma is 91, she moved next door 3 months ago and I have had to fight to get her seen and diagnosed with dementia. I pay for her to go to a day centre and the psychiatrist said twice a week would be beneficial but that's £70 a week. I work part time and my husband full time so that someone's at home. Mamma denies she has a problem, she chooses to remember or forget ! She gets verbally aggressive but doesn't remember. I give her all her medication but its a struggle. She rips all the mail up and there's strips of paper all over the house. She stopped getting undressed and sleeps in her clothes. She comes in to mine, sits down, is verbally aggressive then goes back home. ( which she did just now !) any help I have I have found myself and sorted it.

Ok rant over, sorry :(


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Jun 2, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Cossali, and a warm welcome to TP. I'd hardly call your post a rant, it's pretty restrained given how much you're coping with. Denial, aggression, medication refusal and grooming/hygiene issues are frequent flyers on TP, so you're in the right place.

These links are really useful for avoiding and defusing situations that can lead to verbal aggression:



And I keep this one on changing behaviours bookmarked for quick reference:


Good luck,
Toni :)