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Kit Kat

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Feb 10, 2008

I have joined in the hope I may receive some support because to be absolutely honest I'm really struggling with how I feel at the moment. I guess I'm just reaching out.

My Mum has was diagnosed with Alzheimers around 12months ago. My Dad is her primary carer and attends an Alzheimer's Support Group each month. There are two Support Groups in our area, Dad goes to one and I have difficulty in getting to the other group.

Kit Kat


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Apr 26, 2006
Welcome Kit Kat.

I am sure that you will find that you are amongst friends here that are willing to help and support you.


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Nov 28, 2005
Hello Kit Kat: You have 'reached out' to the right place. TP is lovely for venting, finding out information, and sharing your own experiences. I am sorry you have to deal with the problem at all but there are many of us here dealing with similar worries.

Best wishes Jan


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Jan 29, 2008
Ashford, Kent

Go ahead and reach out.

I guess, overwhelmingly all of us wish we were not members here, that we had no need to be seeking this outlet and support - sadly, we are, aswe are all bound by this cruel illness in one form or another.


Finding it hard

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Feb 4, 2008
Hi Kit Kat - just read your thread 'cos you posted to mine. I too can identify with the struggling with how you feel thing. Don't know the answer - i think you just keep doing what seems right at the time and allowing yourself to be human
Finding it hard...


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Sep 24, 2007
Hi Kat Kat

Hi There
Glad you found us here. Life is difficult but thank god for TP we all get tremendous support from each other by knowing that you are amongst friends who probably may never meet it is that shared journey that we all travel that gives us all comfort. You dont say much about the stage that your at but things must be difficult if your here. Have you got Social Services support if not get into the system quick your dad is entitled to a lot of support and he must get it. I know because I am well into the journey with my dad who is 83 and lives my mum of the same age. Together we struggle on to keep dad at home. If we didn;t have the wonderful support of a fantastic social worker I don;t know were we would be. Dad goes to a special day centre and I also have wonderful carers that have gradually had to be introduced as his condition has worsened. You will get through as we all will.
Keep strong and hope you get support here which I know you will
Kind Regards

Kit Kat

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Feb 10, 2008
Hi rhallacroz

Thanks for the advice about getting Social Services involved. My dad is reluctant to ask for ANY help from ANYONE - because he thinks he can cope and he doesn't want "strangers interferring". Sound familiar?

I suggested that he ask for support sooner rather than later in case there was a waiting list. I think he is in an awful lot of denial about Mum's condition and illness.

My parents have an excellent GP who is very understanding and tactful. I just hope that she can persuade my Dad where I can't

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
I'm really struggling with how I feel at the moment. Kit Kat
Hello Kit Kat

I`m sorry you`re struggling, but you`ve come to the right place. We are a Forum full of people struggling to learn to live with Alzheimers and struggling to try to understand. Whatever you post, I`m sure someone will be able to identify with you.

Why do you have difficulty going to the Support Group? Is is because you have transport problems or is it because you don`t feel you can face it?

Don`t worry too much about learning to use this site. You will get used to it slowly. If you have any real difficulty, just ask. Someone will always be here to help you.

You don`t seem to have done so badly so far. :)

Take care xx


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Feb 13, 2008
Hi Kit Kat

I know how you feel, my Dad is a pain in the .....s and I am not coping. To think that 3 years ago I ran my own consultancy agency and was a well respected person I am now overweight and consistently have panick atakcs and indeed don;t know what day it is!!!!
My mum is terminally ill with cancer and so our lives are consistently affected. Dad takes everything out on me so I feel like a punch bag for him, yet at least he leaves mum alone (for now).
My heart goes out to you,.
Love for now

Kit Kat

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Feb 10, 2008
Grannie G - thank you for your reply and kind words. I cannot get to the other Alzs Support Group. I have a dibilitating illness of my own and do not have transport...

andrear - you show great courage and committment. I have a weight problem and I overeat. I think it's comfort eating to replace the comfort I always got from Mum.

I am still getting used to the site and hope this is the correct way to reply...