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    Just had a assessment done not by a social worker but kinda smiler by social services department feel its a bit of a waste of time .
    situation is ive gone about arranging my dads carers i do most of it anyway and barely at home almost living here dad is 72 fit but with moderate dementia got worse over last yr .most weeks im worn out and the only respite i get is ad hoc days here and there relatives and odd few nights recently to get home and spend a few days .long story he lives in a 1 bed council flat alone and burnt and scaled hes leg 3 months ago , have been practically living there with him I've arranged carers months before that calling them cleaners he didn't want any at first
    1 hour monday 2 hours wensday and 2 hours Friday
    I've also asked my council if i can move my dad in with me i live in 2 bed small house with son age 24
    told yes but we wont rehouse you nor can you swap ie mutual exchange till a yr of your dad living with you she said she can write a letter or speak to my hoising officer its all red tape and absolute stress but i couldnt move my dad in its not suitable ive got a open plan kitchen dining room no room to turn it into a bedroom so
    Ive been trying to swap for 2 yrs
    .im paying for the carers out of my dads savings ive asked for this assessment tosee what help
    I can get and so it serms the only help is a sensor mat so i can ho home at night ( not sure that would help as he shares the hall and front door its communal and carers but only coming for 1 hour 3 days a werk and 1 hour in the evening arranged by them sp i cam get home
    Through them and free for 6 weeks till
    The financial assessment she said there not allowed to do just cleaning as thats what the private carers are only doing as dad doesn’t want them to run him a bath im not sure of its worth it as the carers ive hot two girls are nice it's taken me a long time to get there to find ok carers that stay as long as there meant to and do a decent job and my dad will still
    Pay for hes care of the majority of it so also because its 1 hour i will have to employ or keep on my carers the whole point was to
    Give me a break i cant get a break in 1 hour or they said could send carers 1x1x1 ie 3 carers a day will he making my dad housebound so he has to wait in all day .ive said no its too much i realise i cant have everything but I'm trying to find a solution without its impacking on my life or making my dad life miserable with too many carers sorry hope this makes sense
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    What about carers at the start and end of the day?
    When mum had carers they didnt clean, but they would tidy up after themselves and keep the kitchen tidy and when needed step up and do personal care, prompt medication etc, so getting them in early might be a good idea, especially if your dad isnt paying for them himself. He wouldnt have to stay in, you could arrange them to come for a 'breakfast' and 'bedtime' call.
    I found it is all about working with what you have and gradually pushing the edges to fit what is needed on the day.
    I also arrange meal to be delivered to mum for a while, but that might not work if he is out alot.

    Im sure someone will offer more advice about claiming everything you can etc and maybe even help on the rehousing issue ( Local MP might be a good place to start to get them to put pressure on for the move)

    Good Luck
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    Jul 7, 2008
    Yes they would be coming breakfast time for a hour then in the evening but im wondering if its worth the hassle to get social services involved and there carers which will be new ones just for a hour once a day or the next evening which will cost £120 a week that we will have to pay for most probably or most of it but not about the money just the practical aspects of it that a hour is not much for me as a carer as o wont get any time at all much to myselfso I’ll probably still have to top it up with the private carers

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