Just found myself talking to Mums picture


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Mar 27, 2006
Hi again all,

been feeling really under presure the last few days like i cant cope with the kids the house is in a mad busy whirlwind state as there all playing together as our eldest is off school for the holidays. And i been feeling really tearful and down. I went upstairs before to hoover up and got my albums out and found me talking to mum. As soon as i saw her picture i was in tears, And keep replaying memories over and over. Its times like these i wish i could call her and talk as i feel like liife at the moment is Worry about money,Clean,Cook,Washing clothes and with all the bad weather we have hardly been able to ttake the kids out.We have a few days out planned though and to be honest i wish i had more work with the band i get paid the same wether i work or not bliss some of you may say but its driving me insane, Feel idol lazy and slothful. Im even thinking of taking on another job i seem happier when im busy. I do try to do things around the house when im bored paint repair them type of things But at the moment i feel like im in total despair find myself thinking of events that have not happened yet and looking to the dark side of things all the time. God what i wouldnt do to talk to someone proffesional.

Hope you're all well


Kate P

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Jul 6, 2007
Hi Mark,

I too have young children and I know how you feel - with the normal worries of having a young family and bills and stuff it really hits home that you can't talk to your mum about it.

Have you asked your GP about counselling? I'm lucky in that I get it free through work and to be honest I feel it really makes a difference as I can just off load to someone completely unbiased.

I don't know whether you're in a similar situation to me but no matter how supportive my hubby is I feel that I can't always off load on him because why should he have to constantly take my pain on board and plus his loyalty is to me not my mum so his advice is sometimes a bit iffy shall we say?:rolleyes:

I must say I also find TP a God send and thank the day I came across it!

Thinking of you.

Kate P