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Just diagnosed


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Jan 3, 2022
My mom has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s we noticed about 6 months ago she was constantly forgetting things. We have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to discuss, is any questions I should be asking ? My head is going round and round with what’s next ?


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Feb 9, 2017
Hi @Immyviolet and welcome to the website. If she has alzheimers rather than mixed dementia they are likely to discuss the possible medications and side effects then decide on treatment. I would expect you to receive some kind of booklet with advice on living well with dementia and information about your local councils support for those living with dementia - our council calls it a "dementia hub" which you have to contact yourselves for advice. The local authority should also offer you a carers assessment.
Any care or support is different dependant on your local NHS so check what is available to you - often your person with dementia(PWD) is discharged from memory clinic once medication is stabilised.
If your mum has over £23000 in savings she will be regarded as "self funding" and will have to pay for any care she receives herself.
If you have not got Power of Attorney in place for BOTH health and finance you need to arrange this immediately while your mum still has capacity to do so. If you do not do this then you are handing over all care decisions (including where she lives ) to social services. If you have POA for health then GP's and medical staff will discuss your mums health with you -otherwise you have no say at all. You do not need a solicitor to do this, all the information is on the government website at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/make-a-lasting-power-of-attorney
Every PWD declines at different speeds and it depends on which part of the brain is affected as to what the problems/symptoms are so it is very difficult to put plans in place. I would advise you not to make any quick decisions, to just take things as they come and ask for help when you need it. My MIL is still living independantly at home with support from us and carers after 7 years but there is a huge variation in the speed of decline.

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