Just an ordinary day - thank goodness


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Mar 27, 2008
Well it's back to the usual weekly routine (or what's left of it). I work from home which is useful now that Alan needs me more. I always enjoyed working from home anyway but now it is invaluable. I have had to cut down my client load to very minimal (most 3 hours a day) spread out so that Alan is not alone for very long periods of time. Up to now it is quite manageable. The weekend was nice though because I didn't have to think about anyone or anything but us. Life cannot be like that for long though - it goes on - the wheels keep turning. One needs to earn a crust, one has other relationships - children etc., things break down in the house, bills and paperwork need to be sorted etc etc. Well, today was just ordinary thank goodness. Nothing broke down, no one was demanding my time, nothing needed sorting. If only it could always be like this, I think I would be able to cope with anything to do with dementia (I said I think!!). It's when I'm stretched too far, when I'm too diluted, that I know I don't give Alan anywhere near what he needs and deserves. Still I think he's really lucky having someone like me to care for him because if it happens to me, who will be there for me. He won't be able to.

Thank goodness for an ordinary day.

Love to you all and respect to all of you whose day has not been ordinary.



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Nov 28, 2005
Your post gives such a deep message. Ordinary days are valuable, but in the case of dementia they become less and less. Now I think what are 'ordinary' days :confused::confused::confused:

Enjoy those days - you will find that keeping a diary is invaluable. If you have not already started one then may I suggest you start tomorrow.

Take care Love Jan


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Mar 27, 2008
Thanks everyone

That diary idea is certainly something that I hadn't considered. Do you think this forum would be a suitable place for keeping a diary or do you think it would be better to have something more private? I must admit I can't believe that I've even indulged myself in writing to you all as much as I have in the past few days - it really is wonderful. I've just read through those family tree posts and have sat here laughing my head off. Alan even came up to find out what I was chuckling about and I read some of them to him. He didn't understand but by doing that he knew that it wasn't anything he needed to be excluded from. He doesn't understand what computers are. It took ages to get it through to him that it wasn't a new t.v.!!!

Love Helen

Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire
Hi Helen, I am hoping for some "ordinary days" too when I give up work for a year (or forever) on August 31st, as now agreed by my employers. I simply could not cope with all the hiccups in mum's situation, as well as a full-time job. The two don't mix.

Enjoy your ordinary days, I hope you get many more.




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Nov 23, 2007
Tomorrow's ordinary day

Well that is what we are aiming for.
Brekfast, go out, have some time in the fresh air. And if raining - so what.
Garden centre, lunch and, I hope a happy day - a normal day.
An ordinary day.


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Mar 31, 2008
Ohio USA
There is a lot to be said for ordinary days...and it's amazing how much we've learned to appreciate them for what they are. Here's wishing you many, many more ordinary days!



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Aug 21, 2007
Ordinary days, I'm having more of them now, I'd completely forgotten what it's like to have an ordinary day, they're wonderful. And even better that I have a day off work today, Dad was much happier this morning for the first time in a few days, I have the rest of the afternoon in the garden to look forward to, and Justin's working late today (urk, don't tell him I said that). How lovely.

Wishing you all many more ordinary days, they're so hard to come by for many of you.

Hi Lori, welcome to TP.

AJay xxx


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
here is a lot to be said for ordinary days...and it's amazing how much we've learned to appreciate them for what they are.
Well said,Lori....

I too love ordinary days..:):)

You never know when you're going to get one..but appreciate it when it happens!

Love Gigi xx


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Aug 9, 2007
Ordinary days are what I crave too at the moment. Just the boring routine as I know that I can cope should anything happen. However life goes on and tonight my hubby has to pick up two friends and one baby from the airport and they are staying for a few days plus the boys spring holiday starts on Friday and we head to Skye and quite frankly at the moment all I want to do is stick my head under a pillow and get rid of this cold that has now lingered for a fortnight.

I'm with you Helen....give me an ordinary day



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Nov 23, 2007
The wind was blowing, the snow was snowing

What do I care if it was cloudy or norm?
I had my love to keep me warm.

Ok it did not snow, but the wind.
Went to the garden centre, walked around, sorry blown around.
Had a coffee, much, much too cold. But it was nice. An ordinary day.
Dinner tonight is sheperd's pie (homemade of course), and mum is coming for her dinner. She comes Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's. And, very rare, nowaday, sunday lunch.
Barb and Ron, New's at 10, warming by the fire.