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Just a suggestion..........

fearful fiona

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Apr 19, 2007
I don't know if it is possible from an IT point of view, but I wondered if there was any way of having "sub-sections" in the various sections of TP. For example, the section on support for dementia sufferers and their carers covers a lot of issues.

I am hoping that my parents are going into a care home on lst October (although today they were threatening to change their minds - aargh!) and I would like to search for new threads on care homes, frequency of visiting etc. as I know all this has been discussed in old threads.

Just a suggestion, as it seems a shame to use up space starting a new thread on something that has already been covered/discussed and it is quite tricky sometimes to find "old" conversations.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Fifi

This is a difficult one - not because it can't be done, becase there are few things that actually are impossible these days in IT terms if the spirit is willing. It is more a case of practicality.

We are in the process of reducing the number of sections that are visible when a member signs on to TP because the forum is actually a bit too complex even as it stands.

We have to appreciate that members - and guests, mustn't forget them - come from a wide range of ages, backgrounds and experiences, cultures and countries.

Experience in using a forum such as TP can by no means be taken for granted, and, while it would be possible to have sections about all sorts of things, it might not be helpful.

For instance, we might have a section on care homes.

Should that be split into nursing homes and care homes and residential homes and sheltered dwellings and care at home?

What about food - in care homes, etc - but also at all stages of the development of dementia - do we have a food section?

Some new members post wherever they land within TP [moderators then move their posts] and to have a more complex structure would perhaps confuse them further.

What we don't want is a forum that a person looks at and thinks - "woah! I can't do that! it looks far too complex - or even 'official'"

At present the idea eventually is to have four sections visible when we sign on to TP:

Support from other members
Information and resources
Members Lounge [Tea Room etc]

When we come to look at detail into the implementation of the changes, I'll make sure we take your suggestion and see if anything can be done. :)

fearful fiona

Registered User
Apr 19, 2007
Thank you Norman and sorry not to have thanked you before! You are so right a million and one different subjects have to be covered on TP and sorry if I confused the issue! I suppose I was being lazy as I know the "visiting aspect" has been discussed before, but I didn't need it then, and I do now!! I think it is an indication of how successful TP is that so much is covered in the forum. I will have a rummage around for previous posts on visiting but as everyone has very kindly said "keep me posted on how your parents' move goes" I may just incorporate something into my replies on that! If any one message comes through from the posts on TP it is that we want to do our very best for our loved ones.

I like the idea of the four sections, hope that comes off. I do think "Members' Lounge" sounds very stylish - we will have comfy sofas and wafer thin cucumber sandwiches??

Thanks again for replying to my question.


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Jul 31, 2007
When Peter was due to go in the the Care Home, like you I was dreading it. When we got there, the staff made him a cup of tea with cake. They showed him to his room (which he had chosen himself on a visit) asking where did he want certain things put. I know this is the good part but to me it was so hard, I was further in the background whilst he was laughing and jocking with the Staff. I did not say I am going home now but I am going and he just gave me a kiss, something he had not done for over a year. If Jenny his Carer had not been with me I would have just said blow the authorities and take him home. In saying that in my heart I knew I had Peter an extra year at home saying I could dope. With my disabilities I knew I could not cope but I was not going to give in. I use to visit 4/5 days out of 7, but when I was there he was more interested in the friends he was making. So now Peter is in the latter stage I visit every 2 days. They settle to the situation better than we do in the placement in the Home. The only conselation is that they are both together. In Peter's Care Home where there are couples they are always happy. Have you got someone that can go with you ? I wish you the very best of luck, I will think of you on that day as it is my son's birthday. God Bless Christine

fearful fiona

Registered User
Apr 19, 2007
Dear Bruce,

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I had just taken a phone call from a dear friend called Norman so hopefully you occupy the same amount of affection in my heart. Will you talk to me again???

Yours humbly.

Dear Christine.

Thanks for your message, I had to go to the home today with some documentation and it is such a cheerful place. The Saturday after my parents (hopefully) arrive, they are having a harvest festival celebration (the home is linked to a convent) which family/friends are invited to so that will be fun.

My brother will help me with the move. We are travelling in a convoy, me first with the precious cargo of my parents, my brother following in his large 4x4 with their possession/clothes etc. I have a suspicion that once they get there they will probably not want to see me as much as I will want to see them. I shall just have to play it by ear I think.

Much love.


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