just a little update


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Apr 16, 2008
having previously posted on here about my mam settling into her care home pretty well back in july i just thought id pop in and give a short update.
she's still doing ok, theyve given her a job because she's soooo bored, activities are few and far between, i still dont understand why they have a massive flat screen tv with just the radio playing on it all day instead of some good old films. anyway, mam has a job cleaning in the office and tidying the linen cupboards in the other units and helping to clean the other residents rooms. she's asking why she doesnt get paid, so theyve started to give her a bank statement and some money we had left over from a trip to malta and tell her thats her payslip.
she rarely sleeps and think she's done well if she has 4hours in a row. although i went to visit her on saturday and found her in tears and very scared, she said gunmen were coming from ireland and the staff had said they were leaving because these men were on their way!! it broke my heart to see her so upset so...packed her nightie and brought her home. by the time she'd finished in the shower the gunmen were forgotten, she was all cosy in her pj's and supping on a hot chocolate laced with baileys :) she slept for almost 12 hours...woke up a couple of times to get ready for work, i told her it was the middle of the night and she went back to sleep. was a lovely night without all the stress that went with it before she went into the home, i have so much more patience for her now. and although i never wanted her to go into care, i know its the right thing to do.
my short update seems quite long but i wanted to share the story with you ;)


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Oct 18, 2010
Thanks for sharing that with us. The home sounds good, giving her jobs to do to keep her occupied and when you do have her over at yours, you are getting quality time together and because you are not caring for her full time, you are in better health to spend time with her when you do. It's a good compromise and one that seems to be working.


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Nov 28, 2005
Hello and thanks so much for the update. Its good to hear positive reports of people settling into permanent care and your Mum seems to be a prime example.

The care staff sound excellent if they are giving her a job to do and going along with the payslip idea.