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Just a bad day???


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Jul 12, 2015
Hello all

My Mum (recently diagnosed with AD by a neurologist) has had a really rough 36 hours. She has been significantly more repetitive, more confused and more aggressive (verbally) towards my Dad (who cares for her). I went round to visit this afternoon and noticed that she has a nasty cough that I hadn't noticed when I saw her yesterday and the day before.

As a serial lurker on the forum, could this raised level of AD symptoms be the result of an infection? I will have to wait until Monday now but I plan to speak to her GP - just gathering opinions on here in the meantime.

We have been waiting 6 weeks for her appointment at the memory clinic which is set for this coming Monday morning so I'm hoping both my parents will have more support (or at least know where to turn) after that. My Mum mainly refuses to acknowledge that anything is wrong and thinks that my Dad or I (in any given situation) are playing nasty tricks on her...

Thanks in advance


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Sep 13, 2014
Hello Sammyseal I would definitely get that checked out as it sounds like it may be a chest infection. My dad gets them all the time and it has a massive affect on his Alzheimers/confusion.

If I were you I wouldn't delay and get the on call doctor out. The sooner she starts the antibiotics the better.



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Nov 8, 2012
I think you should get the doctor to see your mum asap as well. Apart from anything else, you will be worrying all weekend if you wait until Monday.


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Jul 12, 2015
I would love to. But Mum has never let anyone call out a doctor or call an ambulance for anything in her 80 years. Plus my Dad is still at a point where will go along with whatever she says as he has for the 50 odd years they've been together - happy wife, happy life and all that...

I'm still seen as their "baby" and they will quickly put on a united front against me. I've spoken to both of them and suggest they get it checked out asap, but I've been overruled on anything happening before Monday :(


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Dont ask her if she wants to see the doctor - just call them and arrange for someone to come. You really need to start the antibiotics as soon as possible.


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Jul 27, 2013
Agree with canary , I've learnt along the way not to ask if dad wants .... Just to do..
Good luck, I hope you can get her to see dr.