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Oct 13, 2015
Hi everyone,
Could anyone point me in the right direction.My father died of alzheimers when he was 61 and one of my brothers died of the same thing at 57.Another brother who is 55 has big signs of having the same thing and he lives on his own very close to my mother who is 81.Is there anywhere we can get help/support as it is a very big strain on my mother as he calls round all the time.We live on Rochdale
Many thanks


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Oct 13, 2015
Welcome to TP Tony :)

Can you get your brother to see his GP as the first step?
hi Cat
he has been to memory clinic and seen his gp.he is off work at the moment with full pay as his employers are worried he may cause an accident.apparently the memory clinic phoned him and he hung up on them.can we insist on getting results from memory clinic/gp as they dont want to talk to us as we are not next to kin.
Many thanks


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Feb 27, 2015
You could try ringing the memory clinic & asking them to do a home visit & you make sure you are there when they come.


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Dec 15, 2012
Hi jkp
I am wondering whether your mother and brother share a GP as they live so close. Maybe try a roundabout route and go with your mother to talk to her GP to let him/her know what a strain the situation is putting on her. Maybe then the GP can help push for a home visit for your brother, or come up with other ideas, which will help her and him.

I wonder too if this may be a good time to consider LPAs for your mother and yourself (have you other siblings?) so that these are in place should they ever be needed but actually to get the whole family ie your brother to do them as well - then you have those ready for the future should, sadly, you be right.

And have your mother write to her GP giving permission for all her medical records present and future and to be shared with you, and vice versa - let your brother know you are doing this and suggest you all do it as a round robin sort of thing 'just in case' of a physical accident or ailment because we're none of us getting any younger, are we. He might see through it, but it might be helpful.

If he is a mummy's boy (no bad thing!) would he go for tests because it would take such a weight off mum's mind just to get it settled?

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