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Jelly Drops - now available to purchase!


Staff member
Mar 21, 2018
Hi everyone,

Jelly Drops have been mentioned on the community a few times over the past year so we thought some of you would be interested to know that Jelly Drops are now available to purchase!

Jelly Drops are bite-sized, sugar-free sweets containing 95 per cent water and added electrolytes. They were invented by Lewis Hornby, who was inspired by his grandmother and her love for sweets. Lewis developed bright, raindrop-shaped sweets as an easy way to increase her daily water intake.


Our amazing blog team have put together a post all about Jelly Drops and how they've helped people during the coronavirus pandemic, which you can read using the link below:

You can now order Jelly Drops online, either as a one-off purchase or subscription. As part of the Alzheimer’s Society’s Innovation Accelerator, 1% of profits from every box sold goes back to the Alzheimer’s Society!



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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Oh, I remember these! I always thought they were a good idea (for the right person) and wondered what happened to them