Its not much but can we do it all together


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Mar 27, 2006
Well All,

Im from Liverpool im, not a beatle ! But ive been emailing them and trying to get interest in the Uk's support of the charity and the intrest in the Alzheimer's Association in America The Rita Hayworth Gala, an event held in the states were she was stricken down with the illnes in her 40s.

People who have attended these gala's are New York socialites, actors and media personalities such as Muffy Potter Aston, Donna Dixon Aykroyd and Dan Aykroyd, Bryant and Hillary Gumbel, Anne Hearst, John McEnroe, Ronald Perelman, Regis Philbin and Ivana Trump, among others.

Rolex in America are massive sponsors of the Alziemers fund,

So its time we hit U.k ive done it with the Passport office i even got my Shades on my picture and driving Licence and i will do more for our fund and our loved ones

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