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It's gone - someone's taken it!


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Jul 29, 2013
North East
I haven't had any lunch, where shall I sit to have it....

Me: its 3pm, are you sure you haven't had any lunch

No its 12.30!!!! of course I haven't had any

Me: ok go and sit down and I will sort it out

Me: Mum, has he had lunch?

Mum: Yes!!!

Me: ok.... here is a coffee and some biscuits for if you are hungry.

Thank you.

Later..... its 1.10 and I haven't had lunch

Me: its 3.40 in the afternoon!!!

Don't be ridiculous!!! Ive phoned the talking clock this morning!!!

Me: ok then :eek:

All great fun ARGHHHHHHH!!


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Sep 2, 2013
Hampshire England
"I haven't had any chocolate!"

- you've one piece now in your mouth

"No. Can I have chocolate please?"

- Ok just another piece....

finished that...
starting again...