It's for real....


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Aug 18, 2006
Mum got her first prescription for Aricept today. I think in a way I have been trying to deny things aren't right in a way, though that's been harder and harder recently.
For example the other day she could not remeber if she liked pomegranites or not and she aleways used to buy them every year. Then tonight I was trying to find the Scrabbles and she said she didn;t thikn she had ever played it, but it has alwasy been the most popular board game in the house. In the last few days she has been getting stuck over our names, and the dogs names too. Then today her first script came in the post from the hospital. In one way I'm really glad as she has got in just before all the proipesed changes, which is very lucky. But in another way it really does confirm everything and as a result I'm feeling a bit down.
Not much else I can say really just needed a moan, sorry folks.



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Mar 7, 2004
Bristolbelle........what can I say 'but rejoice'

OK so mum has got the DREADED DIAGNOSIS, BUT MUM IS STILL MUM.......tREASURE THESE DAYS......time will pass, but never forget "Today is ther best it will ever be" go for it, do it, I promise, you will never regret it.

Just seize the moment.......much love

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Bristolbelle

I remember exactly the same feelings when my husband was prescribed Aricept. A mixture of gratitude that the drug had been prescribed and deep distress as the diagnosis had made the suspicions official.

It`s a form of grief for the mother you know and fear of what the future may bring.

Unfortunately we can`t change what we`re gven, so Ijust hope the Aricept is successful for your mother and you are able to have as much quality time together as possible.

Take care Sylvia


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Feb 17, 2006
Gosh yes the fear for the future I felt all that when mum was first given medication for AZ, as I look back what a waste of energy that was( fear )I suppose its all part of the shock of the realization of it all , yes part of it is grief. Yes, life did change for me and change is scary. Yes, your mum is the same person, like mine, just more forgetful .lots of emotional issue pop up about if she the same person for me , Sharing them on TP has helped me along my journey and I am sure it well help you.

Just like also to share that one stage can last good few years or more to the next stage, and then the next stage is not that noticeable. My mother is on medication and in to year has drop 2 point in the memory test , all that I can really notice is her walking is not so good .every one is different I know . So am referring from my own experience.

The future bright with TP :)