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It's always dinner time


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Sep 3, 2012
Hi there

My MIL is cared for at home by SIL with our help. Recently MIL has wanted her dinner, that is the usual meal she has in the middle of the day, meat and veg, at all times of day and night. On her way to bed she will suddenly stop and say, " I haven't had any dinner. I'm hungry," and wants to start preparing a meal or preferably eating it. I think this must be quite a common problem but would be interested to hear how other members cope with it.


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Jul 20, 2011
Yes i agree with Shelagh - my mum was hungry at odd times and I was just grateful she had a good appetite - lower chance of falls and losing mobility - so we used to just supplement with snacks - often not healthy ones either. I worked on the principle that life was pretty miserable so anything she wanted she could have lol