It's a tricky one...


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Sep 27, 2006
Heads High!!

Oh, how wonderful TP is. What a blessing when everyone knows where everyone else is coming from and can, without the shock, horror reception one usually gets, be able to talk honestly, openly, and what is so important for my morale, even joke about the situations we now find ourselves in. Bless you all, you help to maintain an atmosphere of normality to our abnormal situations and provide the good humoured support which I for one am so grateful for!!

Michael E

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Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Norman said:
Hi Michael
on board you are the captain of the heads,so can pee wherever you wish.
Norman hi,
I think more men are into sailing than women because they can just do it over the side... I understand a lot of drowned fishermen are found with their flys undone!

Maybe its time to end this tread before we get thrown off the forum...



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Aug 11, 2005
South-East London, UK
Hi Nutty Nan,

Can you please give me more info re the key to disabled toilets? Does it fit all of them? I think we would find that very helpful. I didn't PM you re this as there may be other people who would appreciate knowing. Many thanks.



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Nov 28, 2005
Yes - we got ours from our Town Hall for £2.50 - they do fit all public disabled toilets. We have not used ours yet but I always carry it with me just in case. (I did use it at Christmas - told the grandchildren it was Father Christmas magic key because he was unable to get down the chimney with fire blazing!!.

My info for getting one came from the local organiser of Alz., Society.