It WAS too good to be true


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Apr 6, 2007
Hi All

I wanted to say I have jumped the gun,got my hopes up and have come back down to earth again with a miserable bump.

I posted on May 20 to say thanks for the birthday greetings and to say how fantastic Mom was now and I did not feel it was right to post when lots of people (regulars and new ones) seemed to be having a bad time

Mom diagnosed with vascular dementia in April, terrible psychotic episodes occured with her convinced Dad and imposter which ended up with her being violent and attacking Dad's neck with knife and cutting him. She then put on an increasing dose of amisupride, an ant-psychotic and the change was astounding.Mom was back, pleasant,calm but main thing the "other" husband had gone.

Took her out yesterday and warning bells started going off, she said other people were trying to move into the house again, by the evening the "other" man had his tea with them and today the distress and anger to Dad is back. We are not back to square one but pretty close. I could cry.:(

Dad has again asked me not to "tell" the Doctor or CPN that visits. I am posting to say you were all so helpful when I had this dilemma before I have taken strength from it again and just spoke to nurse. I am to take a urine sample in first to rule out infection and if things no better Thursday an increase in medication seems likely.

I just popped back on to update, just saw parents, Mom has thrown,tea and water over Dad and hit him with a can. I have taken the urine sample and waited, result clear. The worst thing is Mom just took her wedding ring off and gave it to me. After 59 years she is "not married anymore" How sad I feel,I am telling myself I will wear it for safe keeping for now, not permanantly.

The twists are turns and unpredictability of this condition is overwhelming. The man from DWP has just rang and asked can I be appointee and speak for Mom. Not really sure what it meams but he called today and saw all the things himself. Apparently Mom asked him to call the police to get Dad ("other man") out.To sum today up another challenge and a stinking headache has developed. Thanks for "listening"

I have two questions to anyone who may have some answers or just their own thoughts;

1/ Has anyones relatives been on anti-psychotics (in particular) and did it just get to a stage when despite increasing doses it wore off?

2/ Moms sis-in-law died on Sunday eve and I am wondering if emotional things can set off a relapse?

Thanks in advance to anyone that replies and best wishes for a decent day to everone affected by this condition.

K xx
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May 19, 2007
Hello Kayleigh - and hugs to you.
My Dad also has vas. dementia and there is talk of prescribing him ant-psychotics as he too has terrible hallucinations and delusions.
Sorry I can't be more helpful - hopefully someone will be along soon with their experiences.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Kayleigh,

I`m really sorry the pleasure you had over your mum`s `improvement` was so short lived.

I`ve no experience of the drugs you mention, so can`t give you any help there, sorry.

What I do want to say is you must never withold from posting on TP because the news is either too bad or too good.

If it`s good, you must feel free to share it, just as much as if it were bad. We all have ups and downs, and the `ups` help us to survivie, yours as much as our own.

Tell your dad, the only way he can do the best for your mum, IMHO, is to be straight with the only people who can really help her, the Doctor and the CPN.

Take care

Love xx


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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
kayleigh999 said:
1/ Has anyones relatives been on anti-psychotics (in particular) and did it just get to a stage when despite increasing doses it wore off?
Hi, I don't think amisulpiride is a drug that people develop tolerance to ie. need more and more of to get an effect. Silly question ... but ........ you are sure mum is taking it, in the right dose and at the right time, are you? My dad used to take some weird variations on his prescription until I realised what was happening.

Sorry you're having such a tough time with it. I guess upset and bereavement can have a big impact too.


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Apr 6, 2007

Thanks for the replys, sorry its late as things a little hectic at present. She does take her medication yes as Dad sees to that, I think it is just the condition winning over the drugs. I suppose in my own mind thats what progressive means.

Best wishes to everyone.



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Jan 5, 2007
London story is very similar to yours except it's my Dad that has Vascular Dementia...he sees two of my Mum, a good one and an imposter..he's been diagnosed with Capgras syndrome probably brought on by the Vascular Dementia....he's been on Amisulpride 100mg twice daily and all was fine for a while but it wore off in three weeks and now, after another three week stay in a Mental health hospital, they have raised it an extra 50mg at night....he wanted to kill my Mum and it was terrible. The Doctors did ask if he had forgotten his medication but that wouldn't have been possible as I always make sure he takes them. He's back home now but who knows how long it will be before the extra drugs wear off....have been told that the higher they go with the Amisulpride, it can lead to the patient feeling disorientated and falling over, so it's a case of trial and error. See the links on Capgras syndrome..the Doctor I spoke to reckons it's alot more common than most Doctors realise...
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May 24, 2006
My experience with my Mother and VD was similar other than the only drugs she had were given when she was in hospital the last 5 weeks of her life ........they made her so drwsy she simply slept the clock around and absolutely nothing would wake her

When she was awake her moods etc swung from one extreme to the other inc the aggresion although thankfully we were spared any real length of time to her illness maybe because age and C Diff caught up with her fast at 90


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Apr 15, 2007
Hello Kayleigh
Sorry that I can only sympathize with you, I do know that feeling well were everything seems back on track then another spanner gets thrown in the works. It's so very hard trying to do the right thing by everybody almost impossible it seems. My mum was on serenace(haloperidol) but only for a short time and it worked very well for her, this was due to her delusions been quite up-setting to her.A few years back mum lost her brother and I did notice she became more paranoid, delusional and her behaviour also became more repetitive and compulsive but when she lost her sister I often wondered if that ever registered with her. I'm beginning to think with the nature of this disease we will never really know.Take Care. Taffy. :confused:


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Apr 6, 2007

Thank you all for your replys. It does help greatly.Can I apologise also for having two threads going at same time, I started a new one and came on this one to acknowledge my replys and say thanks. I dont want to take over the boards, ooopsssss:)

Take care everyone

K xxx

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