It has been a while


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Jun 13, 2008
It has been a while since I updated on Ian's mum. Mum has now been in CH since Nov 2009. Her short term memory is not functioning and she needs constantly reminding about things.EG- Julie and Ian are coming to take you out- we turn up and she is ready or nearly ready but it always is a surprise as "noone told me you were coming".
Re mobility- not good- arthritis in both knees and the noise they make when she stands up makes me feel sick! I refused to let her use our stairs at home last October(ordering a commode for the cupboard under the stairs)In January after a risk assessment the home are trying to encourage her to use the lift but this is proving difficult as she can go up and down to her room up to 30 times a day.
Just after Christmas she threw a wobbly and tried to clear stuff out of her room that she said was not hers ie Christmas presents and a box of non-perishable food for her to entertain her neighbours-I insisted on dip-stick and as a result a course of anti-biotics was prescribed
All is now calm and mum is in a good space- a place where she accepts the CH as her home and is able to appreciate what people are doing for her
A calm perhaps before a storm to follow- I don't know but I relish in these good times- mum is safe and happy which bodes well for now??

Love Julie xx