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It feels like I will be a stranger at my partner's funeral


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Sep 30, 2019
Actually, @Wildflowerlady I am not too sure what Christel's daughter wants me to do. She has mentioned sorting some affairs out together, though she did end up micromanaging the funeral in spite of an agreement to work on it together. I think if I do call her at the weekend and give her relevant documents to take to the bank on Monday or Tuesday then she would get with it. I'm worried her unstable state of mind will mean I will get dragged into it all without having any control over protecting Christel's account from ending in a shambles. There's potential problems with overpayments of housing benefit and council tax reduction due to my notifying the council later I should have. It feels wrong not to fix that and her daughter won't.
I'll leave it for a couple of days and see.
Hello @nae sporran I just wanted to say you do should what is best for you now. Sending a hug and hoping you will take out some time for yourself is no need to reply to my message I know you will get it on here. 🫂