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Is this being a bit too vindictive?


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May 3, 2015
You did what you thought was best, and that's all you can do, Linbrusco. I'm sure you know your mum's likely reaction better than the person who made the comment about telling her earlier.

Even though I'm quite measured in what I do and don't tell dad these days (trying to avoid distress or arguments), I sometimes (often!) say the wrong thing by accident. In my case, dad's reaction to something will vary day to day. So difficult! Sometimes I think he cope ok with a certain bit of news, and for some reason it sets him off in a bit of a spiral!

We can only do our best ;-)


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Just updating.

Turns out Mums other sister told her that her two siblings were back in Britain.
She let it slip apparently.
We haven't heard the end of it since. Mum says she will never talk to her two sisters again, as they didn't tell her they were going overseas.
Of course any attempt to try and tell her that my sister and I thought it best that she didn't know because we knew how upset she was last time they went without her doesn't wash.
So this past week has been quite trying, and then she didn't mention it for a few days until she saw her brother who told her again :eek:

I have no idea what Mums reaction will be when her two sisters come back.
There are many things Mum forgets, but this one she will not.

Someone said, how bad would it have been if Mum knew 3mths ago that her two sisters were going back to Scotland, and wouldn't it have been better than her finding out now.

Actually I think her reaction would have been totally the same, apart from saying " They didn't even tell me they were going"
We would have just heard about it several times a day for the past 3 months.
Well, you knew it would happen, didnt you? :rolleyes:

Back to plan A, maybe? You know, the one that involves directing mum towards your brother when she starts going on about it? ;)