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Is there an appeal process if a care home resident receives a notice to quit?

Annie Asking

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Sep 15, 2014
Can anyone tell me if there is an appeal process that can be used if a resident is given notice to quit from their care home?


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Jul 29, 2013
North East
I have no idea. Thought I'd bump this up though for you.

I would have thought the home would have it's own procedures to follow so would be able to tell you. Maybe try putting this on the legal page and see if you get answers there.


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Sep 20, 2011
I was asked to move my husband, and found this quite distressing, but found it was the best thing that happened. He was very upset and agitated, and they couldn't cope with him. He moved and settled down within a week or two, and has never looked back.

Our SW told me that the manager can make the final decision, but I guess she needs a good reason.


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Feb 14, 2012
Mid Wales
When it happened with Dad we contacted the CPN from the CMHT and asked her advice, she said he needed to be re-assessed as to what his care needs were. Dad was originlly in a residential emi unit and we moved him to a home nearer us that was emi nursing care.....the nursing bit can be confusing as Dad is mobile etc but needs regular toileting as he is doubly incontinent and doesn't need nursing care as in physical care, the nursing care in this case is from a mental health trained nurse where his behaviour etc is more needy. It was the best move because they basically could not be bothered with Dad, didnt toilet him so he was sat in mess all the time, didnt know how to approach him etc to talk him into being more co-operative etc, they took the attitude that he was self caring because he was up and about.....best thing they ever did was serve the notice!!