Is everyone entitled to Attendant's Allowance?

Grandaughter 1

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Jan 17, 2006

My Grandad has Alzheimers and my Nan looks after him. They live in council accommodation but have substantial savings and pension's.

Are they still entitled to Attendant's allowance. Nan think's they aren't. Is she right?

Also when Nan goes shopping etc Grandad is left alone. Are there any "free" services where someone can come in and sit with him for an hour or so?

Sorry for all the questions!

Louise x


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Nov 30, 2003
Hello Grandaughter 1
My understanding of carers allowance is that anyone can claim it and you don't actually have to be the partner of the person who needs looking after. For example, a daughter can claim it for looking after a parent. As with all benefits, it is means tested and you can have up to £80 a week income before you are inelligable. I am just about to receive my state pension which together with my civil service pension will take me to £82 pounds so GUESS WHAT! My carers allowance stops. Still, it's better than it being £80.50 as it would be too close to the limit to be comfortable. Meanwhile I shall carry on caring for my husband and be the grand total of £5 better of when I have a state pension. As if we don't have enough stress already.
I'm sure there must be a website you can access about benefits but I'm not a coputer buff. I'm sure that some other TP people will know. Do you have Crossroads in your area? They are a voluntary organisation that can offer up to 3 hours free company a week. Hope this helps.



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Aug 11, 2005
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I don't think Carer's Allowance and Attendance Allowance are the same thing. But Attendance Allowance is paid to the person with dementia, not the carer, and can even be paid when that person lives alone. It is definitely not means tested, nor is it liable for income tax. It comes in two parts. There is one payment if the person needs care mostly or only during the day and a larger payment if they need twenty-four hour care.


Grandaughter 1

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Jan 17, 2006
Thanks for your reply's.

Bet's is right about the 2 allowances I think. I know Nan's not eliglble for carer's allowance it was the attendant's allowance I'm concerned about.

It's very confusing isn't it! I might get the paperwork and apply anyway for Grandad and see what happen's! Although I was told the application form is a minefield in itself. I dont want to bother if it is means tested as I know Grandad wouldn't be eligible then. I looked at a couple of benefit sites but they were very confusing and just gave more info about carer's allowance which I'm not interested in!

Why can't the government have 1 big database which automatically pays benefits in one payment to people that need it!!!!

Louise xx


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Sep 26, 2005
east sussex
attendance allowance

I am a pensioner caring for my husband . He gets att allowance. This is not means tested. I found it not too difficult to apply for . If you need the c a b will help you to fill the form in.

Hope this helps you.



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May 7, 2005
Hi Granddaughter,

I contacted Age Concern in our area. A really lovely lady explained all about benefits Dad was entitled to . She then came to see us and filled in the form for Attendance Allowance for us. (I found it difficult and I used to complete them for my patients when i was nursing children)

This was a free service.

The people that process the forms are not necessarily trained in particular illnesses so explicit descriptions are needed of problems.



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Mar 27, 2004
Attendance Allowance

Hello Grandaughter

Yes AA is available to everyone and not means tested. The form is not too difficult, I added a letter as I didn't think the questions on the form covered all aspects of the situation.

The CAB or your local branch of the Alzheimer's Society will help with form filling if you have difficulty.

Your Grandparents may also be entitled to some relief of Council Tax probably 25%, although that means another form from the Council.

Crossroads provide a sitting sevice free of charge for a few hours per week provided they have staff available.

Cheers Barraf
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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi grandaughter, I think your grandparents should also be able to get a reduction in council tax too if your grandad has been formally diagnosed. We got one for my mum. Love She. XX


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Jul 2, 2005
Our CPN arranged for DHSS to send someone round, with the form, and fill it in with me, which first of all got us Attendance Allowance, and subsequently they came back and filled in another form for Carers Allowance, but that only applies if the Carer is under pension age.

blue sea

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Aug 24, 2005
Hi grandaughter

You are doing a great job trying to get help for your nan. Phone for the attendance allowance asap as it is post dated from the date the form is sent out rather than when it is approved. I think it is helpful to get some professional help filling in the form so that you maximise the chance of it being successful. If it is agreed, nan can use the money , on your grandad's behalf, in any way she wants eg she could pay someone to stay in with grandad when she goes out. It is also worth seeing if grandad and nan have signed enduring power of attorney forms as one or both may need help managing their finances at some point. Read the fact sheet on this on this website. You don't have to use a solictior - you can download the form from the web and do it yourself. i would also contact age concern, crossroads and social services to find out what other help is available - eg at some stage a day centre might be helpful for grandad so that nan gets a break on some days. The more you find out now about what is available for them, the better you will be able to respond should the situation become more difficult. best of luck!

PS your nan is entitled to a carer's assessment of her needs by social services. Services would probably have to be paid for becuase of her savings, but having the assessment done might help her access other support. It can also be helpful to involve social sevices in assessing grandad's needs - again a care package wouldn't be free but might be affordable.

Blue sea
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Nov 28, 2004
We were advised by Mum's Consultant at the time of diagnosis to claim Attendence Allowance, and that the mental aspect of Mum's condition should be emphasised. I recall there was space on the form to give more details, and we just told it as it was, giving examples of Mum's problems etc. There wasn't a problem with payment, and it was backdated, too.

Also, Mum no longer has to pay Council Tax as she lives alone. We had to fill in a form from the Council and have it signed by her Consultant. Hope this helps.

Grandaughter 1

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Jan 17, 2006

Many thanks everyone for all your lovely replies.

I will go back to Nan and tell her about the attendant's allowance and get her to obtain the form's

Thanks again everyone for taking the time to reply

Louise xxx