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iPad issues


Registered User
Apr 24, 2013
if i use my iPhone 6 to access TP then no problem but if I use my iPad then I have to log in each and every time. Solution please?

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
My iPad is more trouble than it`s worth and very slow @marionq perhaps because it is quite old. It does keep me logged in though.

I hope you manage to sort it out. I hate it when technology goes wrong.


Registered User
May 19, 2019
Have you considered just removing password requirements? Problem solved... just tell the person to 'slide up' to open.


Registered User
Feb 1, 2019
  1. Check that your iPad is running the latest version of iOS that it supports. If it's very old then it may be limited to iOS 9, and that shouldn't stop you using it. But it's always good to be as up-to-date as possible. Go to "Settings" and hunt around for "Software Update".
  2. When I logged in to TP just now, just above the "Log in" button was a small checkbox labelled "Stay logged in". That's the one you want.
  3. The "Remember me" option you see on a lot of websites should remember your username but not your password. Never seems much point to me.
  4. If step 2 doesn't work, then Safari or whatever other browser you are using on the iPad should have an option to remember usernames and passwords. That won't stop you from having to log in, but it makes the process easier.
  5. Ideally, everyone should use a password manager like 1Password or Lastpass (look in the App Store). These allow you to use proper, secure passwords that are different for every site. If TP gets hacked and you've used the same password for Facebook and your bank, you're in trouble.