Internet Dating, Caring for Dementia RANT - belly laughs promised


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Sep 20, 2011
To those that have been following my mad stories. You will understand my new profile picture! These are the exact red shoes that Mr Banker said he wanted to buy his mum. Was I gullible or what?

Did he buy her a course of treatment with the chiropodist for afterwards?


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Sep 8, 2012
LOL. I have no idea.

To close my story off, for those that have been following.

There were two chaps.

MR Banker
Mr Unkind

Mr Unkind had sent me some not very nice emails about changing my life, becoming a leader at home blah blah.

Anyway, my last email to him ,which was a complete wind up, was you are right, I need to change my life. Will call you later.

I was rather hoping he picked up on my stealth sarcasm.

Anyway, got another 5 emails. One of which said I had a missed call from a withheld number.If that was you, well done, you are making progress. I am proud of you. HUH? Call me tomorrow. IT WAS NOT ME

Final message today:
You have been given more than two chances and you blew it....bye bye

OMG, I just found it so funny. I'm beginning to think he has mental health issues with his delusions and assumptions about my life.

Anyway folks, that should be the end of Mr Unkind.


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Dec 11, 2012
I was on a well known dating site for a couple of years which was a complete waste of time as I had virtually no contacts.

One lady who contacted me got really miffed when I didn't reply to her for a few days and sent me a really curt message telling me that because I hadn't responded as quickly as she had liked that she would not message me any more or give me her email address or mobile phone number! :rolleyes:

I've given up with it all now, I haven't got the time anymore with mum as she is.

What a life, eh?


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May 17, 2011

You have a point, how do people have time? I wasn't aware that the 48 hour day had been invented yet.

With such an understanding person as that lady - not, you may have had a lucky escape.


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Sep 8, 2012
Dear TP family
I just wanted to make you all laugh once again about my Internet dating stories and this thread I started in January.

Well in between looking after mum with FTD (picks disease) and giving Internet dating a go I have had some weird and funny experiences.

One person used to write me Mills and Boon novels. I must say his writing was a joy and I finally agreed to go for coffee

Well as soon as I said that he had suddenly found the woman of his dreams ( not me I might add). Then about two months later he contacted me again. I thought well why not. But he was so busy flying here and there I just knocked it on the head.

But the really funny part is that the Internet Dating company invited me to do filming for their tv ad campaign. I didn't get on tv,but I must say it was really nice to be spoilt in hair and make up for a day and see how these ads are made.

So sometimes the Internet can be good for dementia support and dating!!! Lol lol

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