Insurance - awful thoughts

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Just in the process of getting mum's affairs ship-shape - including being frightened at the low level of insurance I have now discovered she has maintained on her house and contents for some years .... (GM tells me should have thought about this before......, I know :eek: - it's in hand now.....)

Occurred to me that there are so many exclusions with insurance policies these days ... and I have this horrid feeling that many things that COULD go wrong (God forbid) could be a direct result of mum's inability to either do or not do something .... (e.g: put a tin of something in the microwave - tin included, microwave blows up, house burns down type scenario ... I know, imagination running riot today .... but maybe it has to ......)

Ok, so I don't want to any insurance to be invalidated - by her 'act or omission' (is that the phrase?) ... much more importantly ..... it's made me wonder just how safe and secure she really is .... and what danger she poses to herself even when you think you've got 'most things covered' (not just in the financial insurance sense).....

Gee whizz, just when you think you're only tackling a bit of paperwork .......

Karen, x


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Sep 10, 2005
Hi Karen

Yes, it's a worry isn't it? Would it be worth you speaking to someone at Age Concern or the like about this type of thing? They will, hopefully, be able to advise on the scenarios you describe - or at least point you in the direction of an insurance advisor who can help?

About you worrying whether she is really safe and secure. You're trying to cover all bases by the sounds of it ... and if we could foresee everything that's in store for us, we'd all be jockeying for position on Blackpool seafront with our crystal balls ... oooh err, Mrs!



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Jun 27, 2006
Karen, I'm assuming that you are resigned to the insurance company wriggling out of coverage in the event that your mother does anything major due to her dementia, and that you're really worrying about the effect on her. If my first assumption is wrong, forgive me, but I do not know any way to avoid that happening. I would imagine that your mother is essentially uninsureable, although there may be specialist insurance policies available at a very steep price. All you can really try (and I'll say it again, try) to do is keep her as safe as possible. Does she have gas? There are gas sensors available that will turn the gas off if they sense it. You might also check the electrical system of her house - is the wiring and the fuse box/circuit breakers up to date? If you think there's a real danger that she might try to microwave something inappropriate, perhaps the microwave should be removed, although I think I'd be more concerned about the possibility of super-heated liquids (that's where the liquid appears not to be boiling, only to react explosively when something like a spoon is placed in the container).

Sorry not be be more encouraging. Without watching them 24/7 I'm not sure how you can avoid every hazard.


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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Karen, I would certainly contact the Insurance Company to see whether or not they would honour a claim if an accident happened. What would be the point of paying premiums for cover that may be void.
I agree that Age concern might be able to help or point you in the right direction.
My mother set her house on fire by leaving bread in the toaster. She had lost her sense of smell, the bread got stuck, didn`t `pop-up`, burst into flames and set the curtains on fire. The Insurance honoured their cover, because, at that time, my mother was well and that was an accident that could have happened to anyone.
I have to say I neglected to check with my mother`s Insurance, when Dementia set in. I honestly never though of it. it was only your Post that made me stop and think what could have been.
I think in highlighting this issue, Karen, you have done a service to those who may have overlooked it too. Love Sylvia x


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Karen
I'd agree with Jennifer in the fact that insurance companies will be quite happy to take your premium...........a claim is another matter............they are specialists in the 'get out clause' all means, check with age concern first, but once the insurance companies gets wind of a can kiss goodbye to your claim..................i'd say save your money and spend it on devices that might keep your mum safe.

Love Alex x