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Incontinent products.

Tears Falling

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Jul 8, 2013
Dear TP team

I am looking for some information about incontinence products. Specifically items for the bed - more then a rubber sheet to go under bed clothes if available. Also for under garments. Knickers that maybe look like female underwear, pads, etc. I know that the GP will be able to potentially help and there have only been a couple of occasions so far but it's something family are starting to talk about for mum and you know I like to try and do the research for my dad.

I will have a look through previous discussions but wanted to ask your expert advice.

Thank you.


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Mar 26, 2014
Hello tears falling . I have'unfortunately 'become an expert on incontinence products having tried and tested many of them on my mum. I find the web site incontinence choice ( choice shops) invaluable . I now purchase a product called depend pants ( attends) which are pull ups and have proved excellent . Another brand is Lille . It depends what absorbency you want as to what price but I find buying in bulk reduced costs and you can get vat exemption too. I also purchased washable bed protector pads from amazon and there is a good site called Complete Care Shop, which has a wide variety of incontinence aids. Best wishes .

Tears Falling

Registered User
Jul 8, 2013
Thank you all. I will check the links and may well be back with questions. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to ask about these area at least not for a long time......difficult.

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