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Jul 8, 2004
Near Bristol
Hello to all
Can anyone advise re female incontinence?

When my Dad had this problem he had a catheter and bag.

My mum is getting very upset re this problem. It does not help when "water tablets" are prescribed.

any advice would be great.



Dear Snuffy

It's a horrible indignity for our loved ones, isn't it just. Barraf and others recently provided some very useful information about incontinence paraphernalia in an earlier thread submitted by Jim's Daughter on 12/01, it's still there. There's a catalogue available from a company providing pants, pads, padded pants and all sorts of useful things. I'll dig the web address out and let you have it in a PM courtesy of Barraf.

Good wishes to you


Sorry! Not much help. Not sure what you mean, I suppose. Mum takes water tablets for a variety of reasons but every now and then they are stopped as one doctor changes his mind about her needing them, the incontinence is reduced, then another steps in and alters things...because of swollen ankles, etc. you know the way it is.
Regards etc.


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Mar 27, 2004
Have you been in touch with the continence advisor at your local health trust. Their telephone number should be amongst all the bumf that the SS give you. If not your local branch of the AS will be able to supply you with the number.

I am not sure whether they go beyond pads etc, I would think if you are exploring the possibillity of catheters your GP should be your port of call.

All rather negative I'm afraid but it might get you started.

Cheers Barraf


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Snuffy, are you thinking more along the lines of a catheter for your Mum now? I know they do provide them, but they don't like to because they can cause problems, infection etc. Also, dementia patients often pull them out, ouch!! if you know what I mean. It would be the inco team that could advise you though. It's a really difficult one, especially with the dignity bit, I wish you luck, I know it's a nightmare for you. Love She. XX