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Incapacity benefit


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Jul 19, 2005
What next are we going to be hit with.They are going to try and get people of this and back to work on job seeker allowance. Last year my husband got a letter from the job centre to go for an interview to get him back to work. These people are not qualified to say who can work and who can't.I was to go on IB myself but i can't work at what i'm qualified in.It's taken a year for me to get a hospital appointment and a Social Worker who said nothing was wrong. Are carers who get ill going to be hit with this? Are they going to put younger Dementia sufferers and their families though job testing? Its a fact that there is a high percentage of carers who get ill though lack of support, stress,money worries. Are they going to be put through more?


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear chip, I agree that most carers are under too much stress, and sometimes we don't help ourselves.

New rules, regulations, or merely suggestion come out all the time. They are meant to cover every aspect of society, but as we read about them our minds go into 'overdrive'.

Hopefully these new ideas will not directly affect you or your husband. Sounds as if they cannot possibly apply to you.

Please try not to stress until you know the bigger picture.

(Agree, it is disconcerting when they try to imply that someone with dementia should be asked about going back to work. When that happened to Lionel, a quick letter from his consultant soon stopped that particular wheel.)


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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham
Hello Chip,

Like many people I was staggered when I read this article as I have Dementia with Lewy Bodys, and I know for a fact that some times I would be fine to work for short periods. Other times however I would be a liability and no employer is going to touch us with a barge pole. As an Engineer who spent a long time doing Health and Safety and risk assesstments, I know that it would be impossible to work out which jobs would be safe and which would not when it comes to Dementia's of all kinds.
No doubt we will hear more about this in the future months.

Best Wishes



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Jul 16, 2007
What a system!

We have also been asked to attend the job centre to meet with an advisor! This was after spending a good hour completing yet another form from DW&P regarding my husbands incapacity benefit and his illness. What is incredibly frustration is at the moment I am still working and although work are very supportive each time I have to accompany my husband to this or that appointment I have to take time off. The person I spoke to at the Job Centre were, if I say it kindly, direct. I asked for an appt at the begining or end of my working day and you would have thought she was doing me, a tax payer, carer and employed by another government organisation, an immense favour!!!


Can't wait for tomorrow when she may see a very direct side of me that doesn't often appear except when stressed:p