In between diagnosis


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Jan 22, 2020
Hi - I am new to this forum so unsure if this has been asked before.

My mother in law has been through the testing stage, she has had scans which show no issues but had memory test which showed two parts of the brain not working fully - mainly cognitive area.
My mother in law is in denial about the diagnosis as the scan was clear she doesn't think there is any issue apart from her being "slightly forgetful" which is a complete understatement.
She gets confussed more than forgetting things - would it be an idea to go back to the doctors?
My father in law understands there is an issue but says he is coping - almost dealing with it and ignoring the fact rather than trying to get any answers.
We are kind of watching from afar but want to help more - we are being told she is ok most of the time but when we visit she is worse than we think


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Nov 4, 2014

Has your MIL had a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or another form of dementia.
When my mum was diagnosed over 5 years ago she was prescribed Donepezil and then we were pretty much left to get on with it, as she got worse I contacted our GP who referred her back to the memory clinic.