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In a better place thanks to this forum


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Nov 23, 2015
I've posted a couple of verbose and very anxious messages on here over the past month and received some very helpful advice.
Dad has developed severe memory problems brought about by a stroke and prior mini strokes. aling with pneumonia and what we now know was a UTI.
After a long time in hospital which was a nightmare followed by a very positive, helpful and constructive week in an assessment facility dad is home. I'm managing to stay over to help mum a few days a week as are my brothers and wider family are all chipping in with support, visits, trips etc. we've got day support for mum in the pipeline.
Our biggest concern was night time - we've had one sleepless night and one night of 8 HOURS sleep after reading suggestions on here, putting them in place and contacting his O.T and getting help with a small physical problem.
I know this forum is great for advice and support but it is also a place of inspiration. In our few weeks walking this road the future has seemed bleak and although i know it will be tricky and really hard - we have some hope that there can and will be some great moments too.
Thanks so much to all the great people with dementia and those caring for them who have challenged us through their posting to believe we can all stick in together and get through it and do our best for Dad.

Best wishes to all. X


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Apr 24, 2013
What a marvellous post! We have a lot of down moments in here so it's so good to hear that someone feels positive.

Many good wishes.


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Jul 20, 2011
So pleased that things are working out. It is a bumpy road but all here to support the good and the bad times xxxxxx