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improvements with Mum's nocturnal activity!


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Jun 25, 2014
West Sussex, UK
positive note from me today! Over Christmas we were at our wits end as Mum seemed to be living in a different time zone to the rest of the UK. She wanted to be awake half the night and nap all day. She lives with us, and being a family with 2 children under 10, plus a husband that gets up at 5am to go into work, this was becoming a bit of a nightmare for us.

We made some changes and they seem to be working!

Firstly, we're trying to keep Mum as busy as possible during the day time, (not always easy with children and work commitments).

Secondly, from lunchtime we take away her bedding, including pillows and any cushions that she can use to nap on. She does try and nap on the mattress, but hopefully without the bedding its not comfortable enough to go into a deep sleep!
(she was not happy about this, but i tell her "the sleep fairies have taken the bedding
away and they bring it back at bedtime" which she seems to accept!

thirdly, she had a tendency to just lie down when she was tired with all the lights blazing, & then if she needed the bathroom in the night, I think because it was so bright, she would forget that she had been in bed and then start walking around her room at 2am, 3am , calling out to us for cups of tea (no chance at 3am!) ...so we go up at 9.30 or 10pm when she is in bed and i switch off all the overhead lights (she does normally wake up and scream at me but i'm learning to ignore this!). We've bought some fantastic plus in night lights that provide enough lighting to find her way to her en suite bathroom without turning on any over head lights. We have a light in the bathroom operated by an automatic sensor which turns on when she walk in there, and switches itself off after a few minutes if the sensor knows she's left the room.
also, the main lighting switches for the room, we have hidden by placing a picture in front, so that she cant easily switch them all back on in the night.

we bought the lighting online and the simple changes only cost around £40. (money well spent if it means we get our sleep!)

since we made these changes, Mum's night time activity has almost stoppped! Good luck to all of you suffering the same dilemma!

if anybody would like more cheering up today, please see my Blog (google then SpiceL2014.blog - Margy's Dementia Diary )

here's an extract from today :-

Taking things Literally! Margy's dementia diary - let's find one thing to laugh about each day

Since Mum (Margy) moved in with us last March, we are learning that you need to explain things very simply to Alzheimer sufferers; When i recently told Mum to "go and wash her hands in the toilet" and to my horror found her doing precisely that...I realised the need to change this sentence to "go into the toilet and wash your hands in the sink"!

Also, when I was loading the dishwasher, I said without thinking, "right we'll just throw these cups into the dishwasher" and was slightly shocked when Mum did actually hurl her tea cup into it, so violently that it smashed into lots of little pieces!