'Important' TV programme to watch!!!!!

Tony Heare

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Sep 13, 2004
Newport, South Wales
Hi everyone! Just thought you'd all like to know about a telly programme which is on BBC1 next Monday 15th at 7.30pm, called 'Real Story'. In this programme, Fiona Bruce reports on a legal loophole in the care of the elderly that has led to many families being swindled out of thousands of pounds. It's not listed as a repeat, so it's well worth watching. That's all the information I can find at the moment on the content, but sounds interesting!

By the way, after taking your advice and making my feelings known rather forcibly (as is my way!), my mother's care home have finally resolved the problem with their main door and all appears to be secure at present. They know the ramifications if it's not!


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Sep 14, 2004
Wasnt it on last monday, isnt it just the usual story of con artists praying on the old and or guillible to get them to pay £6k for a new roof and just move some slates about?? Or maybe I only caught the end and that was the trailer for next week....

Nothing you havent already seen on watchdog or elsewhere, but should reinforce the message, dont sign up to anything on your doorstep and fit decent security to your house.

dont mind me I just got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning.....TED


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Tony,

Thanks for the information. Please let us know how the programme goes - especially me, since I will be defying gravity at 35000 feet in a 470 seater cigar tube at that time.




Tony, not sure I can subject my blood pressure to another outrage, but will watch the programme whilst secured strongly to my seat - JJ'll get the snow chains out! At last, thank God, your mother is safe and may you now have a little well-deserved peace of mind.

Ted, my bed's got more sides than Rubik's cube. Wouldn't worry about it.

And, Jude, are you going somewhere? In a cigar tube? Does Fidel know? And can you arrange a supply of Havanas on the cheap? I knew it! despite their best efforts, the Caps can't keep a good despot down! That's what I call enterprise.

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