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Important shortcut keys


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Feb 6, 2010
Hi friends

The most important shortcut keys that are used in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

Change the font CTRL+SHIFT+F

Change the size of font CTRL+SHIFT+P

Increase the Font Size CTRL+SHIFT+>

Decrease the font size CTRL+SHIFT+<

Increase the font size by 1-point CTRL+]

Decrease the font size by 1-point CTRL+[

Change the case of letters SHIFT+F3

Close the active item ALT+F4

Format letters as all capitals CTRL+SHIFT+A

Apply or remove bold formatting CTRL+B

Apply or remove underline CTRL+U

Minimize all windows Windows logo key+M

Underline single word CTRL+SHIFT+W

Double underline text CTRL+SHIFT+D

Apply or remove hidden text CTRL+SHIFT+H

Find Files or Folders WINDOWS+F

Apply italic formatting CTRL+I

Format letters as small capitals CTRL+SHIFT+K

Apply automatic spacing CTRL+=

Remote formatting in plain text CTRL+SHIFT+Z

Cancel the current task ESC

Change the selection to symbol font CTRL+SHIFT+Q

Display nonprinting characters CTRL+SHIFT+*