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Im new to this...


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Jan 14, 2021
Hello everyone. My name is Bryna In October I because an IHSS provider for my county in Northern California. I just started taking care of 92 year old lady that has dementia. She recently had a CT scan of.her brain and the white matter disease is bad. She also had or still has a UTI. The hallucinations are scary sometimes. And yesterday when I got to work she was laying on the floor on her back with her feet up on the chair. She knew who I was and her daughters, they all live together, but she didn't not know how to get up. We all have to work together to lift her. Because the 74 year old daughter is legally blind and the 72 year old falls down a lot and is very unbalanced. So its like I'm taking care of all 3 of them sometimes. I'm just really tired. And the only one the oldest with dementia trust is...guess who....ding ding ding....yep I'm the lucky winner. I take pride in that accomplishment because if she doesn't trust you she won't eat or drink and gets very physical with you because she says you are trying to poison her. I have a big responsibility on me and as long as I don't get hurt or to overwhelmed I can totally do this. I have one concern though. She like to take baths. Allll the time. But I have to lift her. What is the best way to lift some one up to get them on their feet to step out of the tub. I think I might have hurt my back a little bit.


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Dec 15, 2012
hello @Bryna
a warm welcome to DTP

you have quite a lot to contend with, and with all due respect to you, I think the family you are supporting need much more support than one person can provide ... I appreciate, though, that getting help and affording it may be challenging

please don't be lifting on your own, especially in the bathroom with water and slippery surfaces to contend with - if possible, contact an occupational therapist (at least that's a UK title, maybe physiotherapist too) as they will know about aids to help you, the best ways to use them and how to ensure that you don't injure yourself

you could also do an internet search for aids to get someone out of the bath ... no doubt there will be companies locally that deal with aids for those with disability


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Mar 15, 2020
please dont lift on your own better to use aids maybe a bath seat to lower and higher her out of the bath. you can also get aids to raise a person up from the floor. if you damage your back like i have, theres no cure and my life is limited because of it. be careful


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Oct 21, 2019
Hi Bryna,
You have so much sympathy from me.
I have never said this before but as a person in the UK I am not sure we are qualified to help you.
In the Uk before you start working you have to complete moving and handling training, and that training will tell you never to lift someone out of the bath.
If you try and lift someone out of the bath and it results in accidentally dislocating the persons arm, ( for example) you can be prosecuted for abuse.
The equipment you need to do the tasks is available, a chair lift for the bath and a device called a camel for the falls.
They are not cheap items.
In the Uk you would report to a line manager and they would immediately get an OT to call and a ‘ risk assessment’ would to done for the person you are supporting and yourself.

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