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I'm going to end up like this!

Coffee time

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Oct 27, 2015
Well I will, won't I?
We're all completely normal until 'it' sets in.
We're planning on telling Dad that he's staying at the care home on Friday. Mum is in bits "cos it wasn't supposed to be like this, we wanted to live together until .... But now I've got to get someone else to look after him"
My siblings are ****! " Well your decision is fine ...don't worry you're doing a great job". Friends are fine until you tell them the details. Is it fear, no ?
I think it's the norm ....I'm the youngest of 4 and most of my friends have "younger parents" ...I'll be an expert in this field in 20 years, and maybe the shoulder to cry on.
He packed on Sunday (cos he was in there for a week), the carers are saying tell him and he won't be confused, easier said than done...but they're right - they do have to deal with the consequences!
It's a strange world, where my Mum is now worried "she'll catch it"...giggling ....hope I don't catch it - that damn disease ...:D