I'm back!


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Jun 27, 2006
Haven't had a chance to read any post yet, though.

I settled Mummy into the nursing home (well as settled as she's likely to be). Unfortunately, over the last two weeks she has become completely non-weight bearing, and has been having excruciating pain in one leg. On her GP's instructions, took her to A & E for an x-ray (to rule out fractures). After repeated episodes of "where's your yellow referral form: your GP should have given you one" and repeated explanations of "no, I was told over the phone to come" I finally had a hissy fit with the last person to tell me I should have this stupid yellow card and told them that there was no point having a go at me about it: it was the GP they should have a go at (this is the edited version). Anyway, it turns out that although there is no new fracture, she has a healing pubic bone fracture (!) Apparantly when they did all the x-rays in January, nobody thought to do a full pelvic screen, just a hip x-ray so it wasn't picked up when it happened. Can you believe it? Well yes, you probably can. Strangely, as well, the pain is coming from the hip that still has cartilage, not the the one that that has no cartilage at all (although I must confess it has occurred to me that perhaps the films were flipped). However, it doesn't make any difference to the final outcome as she is not a candidate for hip replacement. So, she's now on tramadol for pain.

On a lighter note, my DD and I spent a couple of fun days in London being tourists (Tate Modern, Globe Theatre and Patrick Stewart in The Tempest). The journey back was interesting (I have never seen Gatwick in such a mess: we were candidates for the world's longest line going to security).

Hope everyone is OK



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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Welcome back, Jennifer.

Glad you enjoyed London, if not your experiences of our wonderful NHS and equally wonderful airports.



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Feb 17, 2006
Sorry to read what has happen to your mother , nice to see you back

(I have never seen Gatwick in such a mess: we were candidates for the world's longest line going to security).

yes I know it happen to us , and all I could think of was thank god I did not have dirty Smelly shocks lol :D , as we had to take our shoes of , before they let us through the security Machine that scan you .


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Aug 9, 2005
Hi Jennifer and welcome back,

Hope your poor dear Mum is experiencing less pain now, on the meds.
Also sending heaps of wishes to both of you (!!) that she settles in her new environment and the care is very good. You deserve a few less worries!!
Cheers, Nell


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Apr 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK.
Hi Jennifer,

It`s great to see you back. Hope your mum will benefit from the Tramadol. My daughter takes it for her arthritis, she always says it makes her "woozy". Not surprising really when you consider what it originates from!!!:eek: Hope it suits your mum though.

Jan. X :)